Drafting contracts in English

Practice your drafting of international contracts with a focus on common law clauses

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Intervenant :

Doris Speer, Administrator AFJE ; Administrator Département MSO, Université Paris-Dauphine ; Formerly, Deputy General Counsel, Business Transactions, Alstom Group


Objectifs de formation :

  • How to Draft a Common Law Clause : Style and Drafting Tips
  • Drafting Limitations of Liability Clauses
  • Understanding Complicated Clauses : Analysing Clauses

Learn how to draft Common Law clauses and how to avoid errors when drafting in English:

o   Common Law style

o   Drafting tips

o   Complicated clauses and boilerplate

o   Primer on limitations of liability and how to draft such clauses

A  NY law governed supply contract (American supplier / French customer) will be used throughout the course as a basis for the exercises.


Inscription :

Tarif adhérent AFJE : 590 EUR HT (708 EUR TTC)

Tarif non-adhérent AFJE :  890 EUR HT (1068 EUR TTC)

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Conditions de participation :

Toute demande d’annulation doit être notifiée par écrit à l’AFJE dix jours ouvrés au moins avant la date de la session. Toute inscription réalisée moins de dix jours ouvrés avant la date de la session est définitive et sera facturée au Client.


Cette formation s’adresse à vous :

  • Directeur juridique
  • Responsable juridique
  • Juriste d’entreprise


Programme :


La formation est délivrée en anglais.


·       Understanding the basics of Common Law:

o   What is Common Law?

o   Importance of choosing the governing law of the contract

o   English is not always English: Differences in communicating and drafting among Common Law countries


Exercise 1 :

Choose the correct word from various English synonyms


·       How to draft Common Law clauses:  Style and drafting tips

·       Common mistakes  and “faux amis”:  How to avoid them


Exercises 2, 3 and 4 :

Mark-up the supply contract to correct several errors in drafting


·       Understanding complicated clauses


Exercise 5 :

Deconstruct difficult common law clauses and reword in simple language


·       How to make comments, Common Law style

·       Drafting from A to Z:

o   Understanding the standard parts of a typical contract

o   Understanding boilerplate and interpretation clauses


Exercise 6 :

Identify the correct boilerplate and interpretation clauses to include in / exclude from the model supply contract


·       Primer on Limitations of Liability

o   What are the types of damages recoverable under Common Law?

o   How to deal with lost profits, Customer-side and Supplier-side

o   Drafting tips for liability clauses, Customer-side and Supplier-side


Exercise 7 :

Using the model supply contract draft, from a customer’s perspective, indemnification clauses, exclusions of consequential damages and carve-outs from exclusions